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Roark-Sullivan’s mission is ending chronic and Veteran’s homelessness. To this end, Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Center strives to provide safe, temporary shelter, skill development, and referrals to recovery services to support individuals experiencing homelessness to become self-sufficient.


Headshot of Jess.PNG

Jessica McGuire

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Purnell.png

Bruce Purnell

Program Coordinator Veterans Transitional Living

Jay Brown '21.png

Jay Brown

Program Director of All Programs and Services

Nick Andrick.png

Nick Andrick

Program Coordinator Permanent Supportive Housing


Jessica McGuire

President, Executive Committee


Brad Simms

Chair, Executive Committee

Paul Ellis 

Vice Chair, Executive Committee


Justin Weekley 

Treasurer, Executive Committee


John Briggs

Secretary, Executive Committee


Julia Black

Fundraising Committee


Brian Hamra

Fundraising Committee


Dotsy Klei

Fundraising Committee


Jean Simpson

Fundraising Committee 


Ed Vallandingham 

Fundraising Committee

Steve & Beth Pugh

Community Members


Zane Blackledge

City Member

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