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Support Veterans this Mental Health Month

From: Make the Connection

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs observes Mental Health Month every May in recognition of the resilience of those who have served our country, to honor their sacrifices, and to learn and be inspired by their amazing stories. Mental Health Month is also an opportunity to build awareness of mental health challenges and treatment options, and to let people know that recovery is possible.

Visit the spread the word page to find Mental Health Month materials that you can download, post to social media, or share in your community.

Make Mental Health Month the moment when you make a change for the better. Get inspired. Explore the stories HERE to learn about when and how other Veterans found support.

Make the Connection connects Veterans and their family members and friends with mental health information, local resources, and inspiring stories of recovery. Visit MakeTheConnection.netor for mental health resources, or join the conversation below.

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